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Honour your values and balance your life

When our life is out of balance, stress begins to build in us and we show that imbalance in different ways, but the result can lead to unhappiness, restlessness, apathy and even illness and depression. Getting our lives better balanced will help reduce stress and lead to a happier life. A key to achieving balance is in discovering and honouring your personal values and finding out how they support you.
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What we can do for you

Talk to us in a safe environment by phone or face to face.We give you the opportunity to talk about yourself in a safe and trusting environment, where you can voice your dreams and share your fears, where you can turn your ambitions into reality and achieve those elusive goals.
You can learn how to remain positive and motivated while at the same time keep a level approach in what you do.
Together we will create the balance which is right for you.

We want you to experience coaching for FREE

We are so passionate about coaching that we are offering you the opportunity to experience coaching for FREE

Discover your future for FREE by contacting us today and arrange for your FREE session.
This isn't a sample session, you will get a full one-to-one meeting without obligation to go any further.

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We understand choice

As a husband and wife team we give you the choice of being coached by a man or woman. You can be coached in the work place, at home in fact virtually anywhere you choose, we even offer coaching via Skype.

Holistic approach to personal life coaching and career coaching

We specialise in helping our clients develop their personal lives and their careers, in this way we coach the whole person. This holistic approach is the cornerstone of our style of coaching and uniquely enables you to find a lasting balance between work and life. We offer career coaching and personal coaching to individuals, employers and employees.

Team building through coaching

Team coaching helps build a strong team with aligned purpose and values.A well balanced individual or employee is usually happier in the workplace and the confidence gained from coaching will make them an asset to any organisation. Teams will benefit from members who trust and understand each others values, know their strengths and who can confidently interact in a balanced way.
We can coach your team members to help them improve individually and collectively for the benefit of the team.

Working together in confidence

We will work with you as equals, supporting and encouraging you to move forward in whatever you bring to the coaching session. Our sessions and discussions are always held in the strictest confidence.

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